Wholesale Distribution

An affordable enterprise-level distribution software system that provides unparalleled control over storage locations, costs, inventory descriptions, materials release criteria, storage criteria and more.

Compare: Other wholesale distribution “per user” cost vs. UA Business Software:

Here are some features of our industry-leading wholesale distribution software:

Materials/Warehouse Management – Define stock and inventory classes, track the movement of raw materials and goods for sale, allocate costs as LIFO, FIFO, average costs or fixed costs, establish quantity-driven pricing matrices or establish time-limited “sale” pricing. Materials Management is the heart of the innovative UA Production and Manufacturing Vertical Market Solution.

Purchase Order Processing – Gain complete control over purchase requests and approvals. A powerful Purchase Order Approval Wizard allows purchasing managers to review, edit or delete pending purchase orders. Allocate purchases to inventory or open jobs. Manage the complete purchasing cycle with receipt of goods management including control of how goods are assigned to inventory, production or company use.

Sales Order Processing – Create orders easily with built-in item searches. Import saved kits, quotes and work orders into new orders. Create new customer records on the fly directly from the order entry screen. Review credit limits, create multiple ship-to addresses, hold orders, pending credit, or administrative review.

Can Be Used In Most Industries – Our software can be used in the durable goods industries (such as office supplies and furniture.) We also cater to industries like semiconductor, industrial, electrical, plumbing and plastics. The list is almost endless!

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