UA Business Software History From The Start

By Peter Munnerlyn

We get questions all the time regarding the history of UA Business Software so we wanted to give you the low down!

Since its inception, the people behind UA Business Software have been ground breakers taking advantage of new technologies and applying modern techniques to long standing problems. This was true in the beginning of the company and is true today.

This pioneering attitude started in 1992 when Advanced Software was invited by Microsoft to join a TAP (Technology Adoption Program) for a new Microsoft product called Access and the UA product was born. Later in 1993 Advanced Software started using another new Microsoft technology called SQL Server. This enabled Advanced Software to store data in Access for smaller customers and for SQL Server to meet the needs of larger customers.

With this technology set at the foundation, Advanced Software developed of 60 custom business applications from 1992 to 1995. These applications were developed for various types of businesses but the common thread in all of them was that they were all accounting centric. So in 1995, Advanced Software decided to consolidate these applications into one product called “Uncle Albert’s Accounting for Windows”.

After some early success, the name of the product was changed to UA Corporate Accounting. This name was change was done in conjunction with the creation of a reseller channel through which several thousand copies of the product were sold.

The UA acronym has stood for Universal Access, Universal Accounting and even Uncle Albert (as an ode to the Albert Einstein). Regardless of the name, UA was quickly adopted as the accounting product of choice as its go to market focused around an open source model where customers received the product source code which enabled them to customize and extend the core account functionality to meet their own specific needs.

This open source model led to the development of a tool that would become the centerpiece of future product releases and is central to the UA Business Cloud being launched on June 6th, 2014. Mark your calendars!

Stay tuned! Our next blog will be about the development and evolution of the Application Wizard!