How our treasury management software can help save you time.

How our treasury management software can help save you time.
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By Peter Munnerlyn

For small businesses, time is one of the most important commodities. It’s the difference between a sale and no sale.  It’s the difference between staying in the black and staying in the red.  One thing most small business owners want is more time.  If there are actions that take up their important time, then it can affect other aspects of their business.  That is why we created a robust treasury management module.  It keeps a lot of small, yet time-consuming, actions all in one place.

Here are some ways it can help you be more efficient so that you can be more productive:

  1. Manage your bank accounts (such as checking, savings, loans, etc.)
  2. Keep track of your transactions that come in and out
  3. Monitor deposits from all of your customers
  4. Reconcile all of your bank accounts so that you don’t have to review each account individually
  5. Identify discrepancies within accounts.  For example, your bank may not have cleared a charge to your account but you cleared it already.  You will receive a notification when your data doesn’t add up.  How nice is that?!
  6. Analyze AR Payment deposits
  7. Maintain your EFT transfers

Last, but certainly not least, we have a robust reporting system. With this feature, you can keep track of:

  1. The average amount of days it takes for a payment to come through
  2. Cash requirements (e.g. how much revenue do you need to create employment growth)
  3. Discounts missed (are you taking advantage of terms given to you? Are your customers taking advantage of terms given to them? Are you missing discounts because you aren’t paying vendors on time?)

This is a very brief overview of our treasury management module.  To learn more on how to get your time back, give us a shout!