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By Peter Munnerlyn

We have some exciting news about our colleagues over at MarineCFO!

MarineCFO, a division of VerticaLive Inc., announced today that Tidewater Barge Lines has chosen to implement the full MarineCFO Enterprise software suite, including Personnel, Operations, Maintenance, and Vessel Live! Tidewater is a leading provider of marine transportation and terminal services on the Columbia-Snake River system in the Pacific Northwest.

Stan Smith, Manager of Information Technology & Quality for Tidewater, said, “After an exhaustive review of the enterprise software options available for our industry, we chose MarineCFO because it is the most configurable product on the market. The combination of existing functionality and technology framework for implementing Tidewater-specific enhancements made the product a great choice for us. In addition, MarineCFO’s Microsoft-centric technology platform aligns well with our long-term IT strategy.”

Said Matthew DeVoll, CEO of VerticaLive, “We are very pleased to welcome Tidewater to the MarineCFO family of customers. Tidewater is a company with a long and distinguished history of successful operations that focuses on safety, quality, and continuous improvement. We are proud to count ourselves among the partners that serve Tidewater and we are committed to mutual success.”