The Key To ERP Systems For Small Businesses

By Peter Munnerlyn

After offering some insider tips on how to implement ERP Systems for small businesses, we wanted to give you more!

  • Project Manager is appointed by both the vendor side as well as the customer side of the project. This gives management a single person to talk to and find out the status of the implementation. This also gives end users a person to contact within the organization and address questions about the software to. This is also the first step in train the trainer philosophy as the customer contact person knows the internal personnel that are champions in their area that need to be put in contact with the vendor for training purposes.
  • Implementation of ERP Systems (for small businesses and large ones,) not focused on cutting cost. If this is the goal of the company the project will likely fail. Instead, the implementation of an ERP system should be looked at as a way to grow the company as you will be able to more effectively manage the company and make better business decisions in the future. ERP systems and implementation of them are not cheap but in the long run if done right they should have a positive effect on the company.
  •  Management support. A major pitfall in ERP system implementations for small businesses is when there isn’t full stakeholder and managerial buy in to the ERP system selected. End users can detect this and don’t give the system their best effort to make the system work with their process. There needs to be a commitment on behalf of the management team to make the ERP system work within the organization. Without this commitment it is easy to make excuses and write off the ERP implementation.
  • Concise project plan or requirements. Another pitfall encountered is when there isn’t a concise project plan or requirements for the new system. In this scenario the project end date is not known and no one knows when it is completed. This isn’t good for the vendor or customer. The vendor ends up doing excessive work due to the vagueness of the contract and the relationship between the customer and vendor ends up deteriorating due to unclear requirements. The successful implementation of ERP systems for small businesses is heavily dependent on the relationship between the customer and vendor.

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