You can implement ERP Systems by following these steps

By Peter Munnerlyn

We have talked some recently about how small businesses should implement ERP Systems.

We wanted to continue that trend because we are in the mood to give away free, quality advice:) Below are a few more tips on how to implement ERP Systems effectively:

  • Adapt other processes to fit ERP. As we don’t want to change these processes that are key to the success of the company, all the processes that aren’t key to our success we should change to match that of the ERP system. ERP system processes usually follow standard or best practice policies so non-vital processes should be changed to fit within the ERP system. We do not want to change the ERP system for these processes since they aren’t vital to the success of our organization.
  • Map users to ERP processes. Once the role of users is assigned it is important for the organization to communicate this to employees. When a new system is implemented users are concerned that their jobs are in jeopardy and sometimes resist this change. By communicating their role to them it helps in the transition of the new system. It is also important to communicate to them how their role affects other people in the organization.
  • Over automation of processes. This is kind of counter-intuitive because you think the more we remove humans from the process the more efficient the process will become. There is a point where a process can become overly automated. Users no longer understand what the system is doing and when a calculation aren’t what are expected users don’t know how to track down the issue.
  • Retain competitive advantages. Companies need to identify key processes within the organization that create a competitive advantage for them over their competitors. If these key processes do not fit within the processes of the ERP system they should not change these processes. They need to either change the way the ERP system operates or conduct these processes outside the way to implement ERP systems. This is the competitive advantage of the firm and must take priority over whatever system is implemented.

 What other suggestions do you have for implementing ERP Systems?  Leave us a comment below or drop us a message!