Path To The Software Support Facts Is Foggy At Times...

Pic. found via unsplash.com

By Peter Munnerlyn

Software Support Myth vs Reality

In the software industry, there are certain myths that are passed down and repeated until they “snowball” into what users assume as fact.  Someone tells a user something, he/she reads it on the internet or hears it on TV, and the user passes this information along to someone else who then passes it along to another…and before we know it, the myth has turned into an industry wide false-but-believed “fact”.  Hopefully, with a little bit of education, we can start to expunge some of these tech myths and therefore work with more informed users:

Myth: Every Problem Can Be Fixed in 5 Minutes

Reality: Unfortunately, it isn’t true. If you, as a user, want your problem to be fixed, as quickly as possible, please have everything ready to present to the support analyst upon your email to our help desk. Some issues can be resolved in 5 minutes, but many times it will take longer; please prepare your expectations accordingly.

Myth: Every Problem Has Been Encountered Before

Reality: False. There will be problems that support has not encountered yet. In all cases, our support analyst will try everything to help you, but if a solution cannot be found, your case will be escalated to an additional analyst.

Myth: All Support Is Now Done Outside of the Country

Reality: Our support team is located in Houma, Louisiana.  We have formulated our team to be able to assist our users during business hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm CST Monday – Friday; and on an as needed basis for emergency situations during times thereafter.

Myth: If I Call The Support Line, My Issue Will Be Addressed Faster

Reality: All issues reported are worked based on priority of the issue rather than the order in which we receive notification of said issue.  We prefer you email any/all issues to the support email addresses rather than phoning our helpdesk number; it auto-creates a ticket in the helpdesk system which enables us less likely to forget details of what you report.

I want to hear from you! What are your favorite software support myths?