By Peter Munnerlyn

The new Godzilla movie trailer is going viral (if you can watch it above, click here).  It got me thinking about how Godzilla would be beneficial to small businesses.  Sure, he destroys everything in his path by his volume alone, and as they say in Texas: “Peter, you are off your rocker.” But I think Godzilla does have some good qualities that need to be pointed out…

So, here are my 4 reasons why small business owners need Godzilla-like customers:

1. They are watching you constantly.

Godzilla-Like Customers Are Watching You

Pic. found via Time Warner Company









I don’t say this to freak you out–this should encourage businesses to do well! With social media being the 21st century megaphone, customers can now keep their favorite businesses (you!) accountable. This can swing positively or negatively but the great news, it’s typically in your power.

2. They will defend you when it’s needed most.

Your Customers Will Fight For You

Pic. found via Tested.com. Screenshot of previous Godzilla movie.

Whenever you have done something against the grain, your loyal customers will defend you. Well, the old Godzilla defended, in some cases… I don’t know if that’s the same story with the new Godzilla but your loyal customers are just that, loyal.

3. When they are satisfied with your services/products, they will let you know.

Satisfied Customers Will Smile Just Like Godzilla Does Here

Pic. found via Screenrant.com. Screenshot of previous Godzilla movie.

The number one reason why people buy a product/service is because of recommendations. Yep, if you are offering a service/product that knocks it out of the park, your customers are going to rave about it online. But if you mess up… well, read below.

4. When they aren’t satisfied with your services/products, they will let you know.

Your Customers Will Let You Know When They Aren't Satisfied, Just Like Godzilla Here

Be prepared for a backlash if you don’t offer satisfactory products or service, like great consulting or help desk.  There isn’t a formula but we have found that transparency is the best first step.  Most social media “face-palms” have been a result of misrepresentation. Do it right the first time and you can avoid social media banter that can hurt your brand.

 There are lot more reasons why businesses need Godzilla-like customers! Let me know in the comments or shoot me a message privately!