Accounting & Financial Management

All the tools you need. General Ledger, Receivables, Payables, Multicurrency, and Reporting.

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General Ledger

The UA Business General Ledger provides a comprehensive way to organize, categorize, and analyze financial transactions. The Setup Wizard gets you up and running quickly. Unlimited account segmentation, robust financial reporting, and comprehensive accounting controls make the UA Business Cloud General Ledger a great choice for any company.

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Accounts Payable

Accurately manage amounts owed, due dates and available discounts with ease and efficiency. Create Accounts Payable invoices instantly from existing purchase orders. Completely control check runs and process checks in batches or individually. Use the handy Quick Check Writer to process miscellaneous cash disbursements not linked to a payable invoice. Features include check reconciliation, IRS 1099 tax forms, Payment Wizard, recurring payables, comprehensive reporting, and much more.

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Accounts Receivable

Manage customers, payments, and amounts due efficiently with our powerful accounts receivable module. Features include debt management, aged statements, batch handling, flexible invoice printing, recurring receivables, flexible terms definition, comprehensive reporting and NSF payments. A customer information screen maintains defaults such as taxing jurisdictions, multiple shipping addresses, finance charge groups, financial history and contact information. Also included is a finance charge calculator, multiple accounts receivable deposit options, and a tax liability section.

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UA Business Software offers simplified currency management of transactions based on foreign currencies, and an unlimited number of currencies. Over 200 world currencies are included, each with user defined multiple alternate prices, allowing management of such issues as a spot exchange rate and contract rates. UA Business Software provided critical support for modern businesses in the global economy.

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Additional functionality includes full detail or basic financial statement options, extended reporting capabilities including seven separate financial statements, full detail two-column views, plus optional budget-to-actual variance column on the income statement. The UA Business General Ledger includes a nine-column income statement by department or segment. Reports include both subtotals and group totals. Distribute revenues and expenses among groups of accounts with the allocation function. Import journal entries from nearly any data source, which is useful for integration with other software packages, conversion from other software packages, and for creation of journal entries from external sources like MS Excel.

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