6 questions to ask before you pursue cloud software

6 questions to ask before you pursue cloud software

By Peter Munnerlyn

After small business owners have understood what cloud software is, their next question is, “Should I get cloud software for my business?”

We tell them that they should observe the organization of their business. To help them, we recommend these 6 questions (well, maybe a few more… but here they are):

1. Given the current state of technology (which is always changing), is your on-premises server software up to date with industry standards?
2. What are your customers asking for? Information about their sales? Orders? Invoices? Can your current system handle the volume of your day-to-day business transactions and if you switch can you transition smoothly?
3. What resources do you have to build and monitor a brand new ERP infrastructure?
4. How much does an upgrades cost… are the on-premises hardware and software licensing costs too much of a dent in your capital expenditures?
5. Do you have the IT staff to maintain your security and if there is a catastrophe do you have redundancies set up?
6.¬†Where do you go if you have questions about your software and your IT staff doesn’t have the answer?

After you have answered these questions in depth, you will have a better understanding about whether or not cloud software is right for your small business. If you need help after you’ve answered these questions, please feel free to give us a shout!