Working together with UA Business' Cloud ERP Software

Working together with UA Business’ Cloud ERP Software

By Peter Munnerlyn

Do you have your head in the Cloud?

No, I don’t mean “the cloud”, as in you are daydreaming. I mean “the Cloud.” If you have been paying attention to technology for the past 5 years, you may have heard about the Cloud.

To make things simple, it’s basically virtual servers available over the Internet (This is a really informative video.)

What makes the Cloud so helpful is the following:

1. Speed – All your business data is quickly accessible

2. Affordable – Costs are lower since you don’t have to use your own server

3. Security – Your data is encrypted

4. Accessibility – You can access your software from any laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet

5. Stress Alleviating – Everyone can access the data from different locations

If that isn’t enough, check out this HR in the Cloud study done by Deloitte. They said,

 84 percent of surveyed companies are either transforming or planning to transform how they handle human resources functions!

Don’t wait to contact us! We can help you transition your Human Resources Dept. into the Cloud!